How we compare to a traditional estate agent

Traditional Estate Agent Trust Quick Sales
Fast Takes 7 months on average As little as 7 days
No gazumping Gazumping is always plausible We never gazump!
No agency fees 1-3% 0%
No solicitor fees £500 – £2000 £0 (If you use our solicitors)
No chain Up to 10 houses in a chain 0 houses in the chain
Sell & rent back Property must be empty on sale We can rent it back after purchase
Buy back option Can’t offer this service You can buy the house back
Flexible terms Fixed contracts Flexible contracts
Repossession help They do not get involved We can speak to your lender
Professional & friendly Questionable Of course!
These are just a few of the issues which you may be facing.

but there are many more reasons you might want to sell your home quickly!

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