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Are you struggling with the bills every month?

The more you get into debt the worse your credit record gets. This doesn’t just effect your immediate situation but it also effects your future. Banks keep a record of your spending habits and make decisions on lending based on them. If you have a bad credit record you will struggle to get financial support in the future. Your record will start to heal if you get back into the black but it takes a long time and you need to pay of your debts.

Stop yourself from slipping further into debt by raising cash from a quick sale of your property.

Debt Recovery and Mortgage debt help

There is always a solution to all things, including selling your house to pay off a debt. Although you may feel you are in an inescapable financial position, we can help with debt recovery and provide partners that offer a debt consolidation mortgage. Financial advice and a debt management mortgages are built around a plan for the future that has been created according to your current income. Every debt consolidation and refinance home equity loan journey starts with the first step. It is better to start with debt advice.

Debt Advice

Debt management comes from managing your budget which covers your saving and spending habits, and sometimes debt consolidation with a home equity loan company can help make this a simpler process to manage your outgoings. This will help you plan for emergencies, avoid unnecessary debts and ensure a stress free, more wealthy, future. If you need help with debt then you have come to the right place that has many options including debt consolidation mortgage loans.

Knowledge plays a crucial role when a person is making a debt management plan and assessing possible home loan mortgage refinance loans. The more knowledge you have about your outgoings and incomings, the smarter decisions you will be able to make regarding debt consolidation and creating a brighter future for yourself. It is also good to gain financial advice from a home equity loan company who can help with financial planning for a debt consolidation loan for a home owner. In fact, good debt management can even help you save money for investing later.

If you do not save adequate funds now, you can be permanently stuck in debt and a cycle of stress and worry. There are various resources that will offer debt assistance and advice on taking a debt consolidation mortgage loan.

Debt recovery starts with good planning and a debt consolidation mortgage loan can ensure that you organize a one off payment to cover all the people you owe money, divert another part of your income to savings and the remainder to your living costs. Eventually, you will have controlled your position through debt assistance and you will be well on your way to debt recovery and then investing. Good financial advice will help you build an investment plan that can include a debt consolidation equity loan, real estate investment, share trading and foreign exchange trading. It is important to have good advisors as many of these investment areas do have a degree of risk.

In order to move to investment, you need to pay yourself first. This means diverting a minimum of 10% of your income straight to your investment saving account. In the beginning, you may divert this 10% to your debt management plan. You can continue to track your debt recovery through the addition of your assets minus your liabilities.

An asset is anything that puts money into your account, a liability is anything that takes money out of your account!

Debt Assistance
Debt Consolidation and a Debt consolidation mortgage

Once you have followed a debt management plan and created debt consolidation; it is important to work with your home equity loan company and build some goals. It is important to build the habit of making short, medium and long term financial goals. Ensure you have these goals for yourself and your family as a whole. If you manage to resolve your situation with a refinance home equity loan, in order to avoid a similar debt situation in the future, it is important to review and update your goals regularly and plan weekly as you make the steps to sustained debt recovery.

It is not about how much you earn, but how much you keep that then works for you. Take care of every penny; you have worked hard for it. Use uswitch.com or a similar search engine to compare your electric, gas, broadband and any other expenditure. Ensure you are paying the minimum for your costs of living to free up money for debt management and then investment. This will help avoid the need for mortgage debt help in the future.

Most people struggle with debt recovery and consider a debt consolidation mortgage loan at some point in there life and you are not alone. Debt assistance helps you to get a perspective on your position. You can succeed.

Money worry and struggling with debt is one of the main causes of stress and unhappiness in the world today. It does not have to be that way and you can take your first step to financial freedom with a debt management mortgage today.

There has never been a better time to get debt advice and begin debt consolidation with a debt consolidation loan for home owner. Here in the UK there are numerous different tools available as part of your debt advice that include debt assistance, debt consolidation, debt management, Individual Voluntary Arrangement and re-mortgage with a home equity loan company and restructure of debt.

It is important to remember there is help and options available, do not spend another second worrying about debt.

Debt Advice and Debt consolidation equity loan

Debt advice will provide you with all the information you require to:

  •  Help you regain control of your finances.
  •  Reduce your monthly payments through a consolidation debt home loan mortgage to take the pressure off you.
  •  Put you on the right road to becoming debt free.
Debt Advice and Debt consolidation equity loan

Debt advice will provide you with all the information you require to:


    Help you regain control of your finances.


    Reduce your monthly payments through a consolidation debt home loan mortgage to take the pressure off you.


    Put you on the right road to becoming debt free.

How to Manage Debt and Consolidate Debt. A Guide To Debt Consolidation with a Debt consolidation home mortgage loan

A lot of people are weighed down with credit cards, store cards and loans and pay 30% or more per annum on this debt. That means if you have £20,000 of credit card debt, you could be paying £6,000 per year in interest before you even start to clear the debt!

The GOOD NEWS – A debt consolidation loan for home owner coupled with a debt management mortgage plan allows you to take all your existing debts (including credit cards, loans, store cards, energy bills etc…), and combine them all together into one new loan.

Everybody needs a simpler life, and this takes many headaches away from you. All your outgoings are combined into one simple monthly payment; so instead of dealing with many creditors and trying to manage multiple payments, all your outgoings are combined into one easy monthly payment. This debt consolidation loan can take many forms such as a secured or unsecured personal loan.

The benefits Of Debt Consolidation with a Refinance home equity loan

There are many benefits to pursuing a debt consolidation route, and we have listed the benefits to you to that a home loan mortgage refinance loan offers to help with debt management.

  • No more juggling multiple lenders and debts that are difficult to manage.

  • Only one simple payment per month

  • Ensures the payment is something that you can afford.

  • Dramatically reduce your interest or freeze it completely to reduce the amount you pay.

You can even completely write off some of your debt with certain debt solutions which means:

  1. No more hassle from creditors.

  2. Have a fixed monthly payment plan.

Is Debt Consolidation the Solution to Debt Problems?

Discussing your individual circumstances with a home equity loan company is very important to understanding if debt consolidation is the best debt solution for you. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with payments and you have done for some time, then its time to face reality. Why struggle any longer, when you can choose a route to get you debt free. There is no point in struggling from day to day to meet your regular expenses, and debt consolidation is a way to reduce the interest you pay, make regular monthly repayments and free your life.

The process to apply for a debt consolidation mortgage loan or a debt management plan is simple and you do not have to accept any offer made to you. Debt consolidation is ideal if you do not want to create an IVA or declare yourself bankrupt.

If you are paying off large credit card debt, then usually a debt consolidation loan is ideal. Credit cards can traditionally have high interest charges up to 30% or more, whereas a debt consolidation loan can be 6%! A secured loan can bring your interest down and you can work your way out of debt instead of paying interest and not getting anywhere.

This means, you could pay the same amount that you used to pay on credit card interest, but be comfortable in the knowledge that the debt is now being REPAID! That is true debt management.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements – Help with IVA

The Individual Voluntary Arrangement, more commonly known as the IVA, is a government backed scheme that allows you to clear your debts without declaring yourself bankrupt.

Essentially an IVA enables you to make an arrangement with your creditors to repay a small amount of what you owe to prevent you going bankrupt.

An individual voluntary arrangement is governed by the same legislation as bankruptcy, and is a legally binding contract between you and the creditor.

An IVA is usually a payment plan over 5 years although it can be shorter depending on your individual circumstances. Also, rather than paying your debts directly to the companies concerned, you pay a set amount into your IVA each month and this is distributed to the creditors on your behalf. No more hiding and ignoring calls from your creditors. In return, your creditors leave you alone and write off any excess debt at the end of your IVA period.

Inidividual Voluntary Arrangement Benefits
  • Monthly payment is based on what you can afford.

  • All charges and interest are frozen.

  • You’ll be debt free in 5 years.

  • No more worry or hassle from creditors.

  • No direct fees to be paid. The creditor pays the practitioner who organized your IVA.

  • You Avoid bankruptcy.

  • Stops further temptation to get into debt, if your in trouble….stop digging.

  • Legal action and debt recovery is stopped.


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