Moving Abroad, Relocating Or Emigratin

You’re moving for a new job, to stay with family, to get married or just for a fresh start in life. There are lots of reasons why you could be relocating.

If you’re relocating because of a new job, the thought of starting work in a new environment or role can be daunting enough. Often the culture shock will take time to readjust. In a situation like this, it’s best to sell your property in the UK quickly, that way you can concentrate on the future instead of worrying about an empty house with a mortgage in the UK.

We can help you by buying your property fast and getting the much-needed money for traveling into your account quickly.

How to move abroad

Moving abroad is a major step in your life and there are many things to consider including how to sell your house quick. Aside from considering family and friends, when you are moving overseas you also need to identify a quick sale estate agents, investigate healthcare, tax, and pensions costs within your chosen country. You also need to think about overseas removal companies, associated costs of the big move and how to sell my house for cash.

Moving Abroad within the EU?

As a national of the United Kingdom, the good news is that you are able to live in any European Economic Area (EEA) country. With regards to moving abroad to countries outside of the EEA, you should visit the website of the British Embassy for your chosen. Prior to this of course, we hope you will have considered who can buy my property fast.

Move Abroad Tax, benefits and pensions

Before moving overseas we recommend you do the following with regards to tax, benefits and pensions, particularly if you are looking into how to sell my house for cash.

Contact HM Revenue and Customs and request information on your tax liability on any income generated over the UK personal allowance threshold. It is important to note that UK tax can vary depending on the country in which you will be living.

In addition, when you speak to HM Revenue and Customs also request an estimate of your State Pension.

When you move you should also inform the International Pension Centre, as well as HM Revenue & Customs Charity, Assets and Residence and provide them with your contact details abroad.

It is important to seek independent tax advice with regards to offshore banking if you are retiring abroad. Again, depending on where you are living this can reduce your tax liability.

The move abroad and Health

Looking after the healthcare needs of you and your family is an important consideration when moving overseas or retiring abroad. You may wish to consider how to sell my house fast and avoid the stress of house selling. We have highlighted items that you need to consider:

Research healthcare costs in the country you will be moving to, also research the standard of healthcare provided.

We highly recommend that you take out health insurance to cover private dental and medical treatment. In addition, always ensure that your medical insurance covers repatriation to the UK for you and your family.

Welfare rights vary significantly depending on the country you are moving to. It is important to establish what your welfare rights abroad will be; for example, many UK benefits are no longer valid for payment when you live outside the UK, whilst other benefits may only apply in the EU or when the UK has a specific agreement with that country.

Finally, it is good to speak with your GP and obtain a health check and inform your dentist, doctor and any other health care advisors or practitioners tat you are leaving the country.

Your home and family and Moving Abroad

One of the main things to remember when you are moving overseas or retiring abroad with regards to your home and family, is to ensure you have enough cash to sustain yourself and this can be achieved through a quick sale estate agent:

  • If you have a property that will be left vacant for an extended period of time it is important to keep the property secure. Explore the variety of options available based on your individual circumstances, you may wish to use fast house sale company.

  • You will need to let your mortgage lender and house insurance company know if you decided to keep your property in the UK when you move abroad. You will need to let them know if it is going to be rented out or left empty. It is important to note that the insurer may have an issue if you are leaving the property empty for extended periods of time.

  • Contact the Land Registry and ensure they have an address at which they can contact you after your move overseas. This is because empty properties, or even those occupied by tenants; can be targeted by fraudsters. You may also consider who will by my house fast to sell your house fast and avoid the worry.

  • Inform the local authority – It is important to let the relevant departments within the local authority know that you are leaving. Contact the electoral register department and Council Tax department so as to avoid unnecessary charges.

  • Financial Arrangements – ensure you contact any company with which you have a financial arrangement. This includes banks, credit cards, loans, mobile phones, store cards and anyone else with which you have a financial arrangement. You may also look into houses bought for cash to identify if there is a way to sell your house quickly, clear your debts and make your life a abroad simpler. It is important to request any final bills and provide a forwarding address for them to send refunds and/or final bills.

  • Child arrangements – it is also important to let the Local Education Authority (LEA) know the exact date when your child will be withdrawn from school.

  • Finally, your postal services. If you will be requiring your mail to be forwarded, then prepare this with the post office well in advance as it can take a few weeks to organize. You can also have your mail forwarded to a mail scanning service who will scan your mail for you so you can pick it up on email.

How to live abroad and Cultural awareness

In order to help you adjust smoothly to your move overseas new environment, ensure you research and understand a country’s laws and customs. Be careful of dealing with private house sales. As with anything new, you may find the new daily routine unsettling to start with, so you are well advised to do any preparation you think would help you adjust more quickly. By understanding legal and cultural differences you are likely to avoid any difficult or embarrassing situations.

Prevention is better than cure – Research the people and culture first!

Some important items to consider before relocating is the language, customs, and religion. Here is a list of things that may help with your research you’re your new environment

  • Learn the local language as best you can and take a phrase book. A little effort goes a long way. This is also useful if you are considering a quick house sale.

  • Dress and behave appropriately, particularly when visiting rural communities, markets or religious sites. Try not to comment on your views and the cultural differences.

  • A good introduction to local culture, customs and laws can be obtained from a guidebook. If you are looking at houses bought for cash, then ensure you seek good legal advice to protect your money.

  • Always ask for permission before taking photographs as in some countries photographing without permission can cause offense.

  • Be particularly careful around alcohol, sexual relations, and drugs, in addition to expected behavior and local codes of dress. For example, in some countries, drinking and importing alcohol is illegal and carries severe penalties.

  • Haggling should be done with humour and for a short period, even when you offer cash for homes. Remember, the discount might be a few pence to you, but could be a lot of money to the person you are haggling with. Don’t haggle aggressively.

  • Act cautiously, above all else, you are in a new environment so watch and learn.

Moving Overseas and Getting Around Safely

It is important to present calm assertive energy when traveling, and ensure you keep yourself safe. Below are some tips on things to consider when traveling around your country of choice.

Travel by Taxi

Ensure that the taxi is licensed as people on the street offering taxi services my not be who they say they are and could attack you or try and overcharge you. The best thing to do is to go to a taxi rank or telephone for a taxi so that you know it is the real thing. Do not get in a vehicle if you are unsure about it and make sure you are waiting for yur taxi in a safe public area such as a restaurant or supermarket.

Travel by Train

Whilst waiting for a train, ensure you do not stand on your own and that you stand in a well lit area where you can see all around you. Always find a carriage where there are other people, if there is any trouble then move carriages.

Walking the streets

When walking around a new place, always stay in areas where there are some people and plenty of light. Ensure that any valuables are well hidden such as your mobile phone, camera or music player. In addition, ensure that any bags can not be grabbed from behind you or your side and that they are closed securely. Ensure that anything on you is tucked in tightly, such as a scarf, to stop it being pulled to distract you.