I Want To Sell My House But Carry On Living There

What if you’re happy with your home and surroundings but are under heavy pressure to sell your home? You might not want to adjust to a new area in a strange house or go through the hassle of moving all your life’s possessions.

There is an easy solution. We can buy your house from you quickly so that you have the funds available in your bank within days. This will help you resolve any financial difficulties you have. You can then continue living in your home as if it was yours. This greatly reduces any stress and gives you plenty of cash to play with.

You would then pay a low monthly rent, much like paying a mortgage. You could even have the opportunity to buy your home back in the future if you want to.

Sell and Rent Back & Fast House Sale

There are many specialist sell and rent back house buying companies in the UK that can help you sell a home quickly. These companies allow the homeowner to sell property quickly and then rent it back, ensuring that there is no disruption to their family life.

It is important to select the best sale and rent back company to ensure you receive a knowledgeable, safe and fair route to the sale and rent back of your property. It is important to ensure that any sell and rent back company you engage with is well established and has achieved full authorization from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to process sale and rent back business. This will ensure you have the peace of mind of working with a regulated company that can help with a quick sale.

When considering a sale and rent back offer, it is important to be aware that if you sell and rent back then you may only be able to live there for a limited amount of time, and in addition, you are likely to receive less money than actual market price of your property. Therefore, it is important to understand the terms of your buy and rent back scheme before proceeding, so ensure you ask for a key terms statements when you are asking how to sell my property fast.

Why choose Sale & Rent Back
  1. There is no need to leave your house.

  2. You can receive fair and affordable rental terms on a longer term or short term basis.

  3. Often, deals are completed with cash rich companies which means the process is very fast if you are having financial difficulties.

  4. If you deal with a regulated company, which is a company regulated by the Financial Services Authority, then you will have the peace of mind of a fully confidential and discreet service

  5. If you choose the right company, then there are no fees and no obligation from you. This means you can walk away at no charge if you decide it’s not for you.

Many sell rent back companies are willing to pay the associated costs involved with the sale and rent back of your house, this will include your solicitor costs and valuation in a cash for homes deal. In addition, usually you can rent your home back for as long as you like. What’s even better, is the security that some buy rent back schemes will also offer you through the option to buy your house back in the future. However, the sell and rent back buy back option gives you the security of knowing you can buy back your house in the future. Some rent back house companies will also give you 5% towards the purchase in the future, it is important to check individual company terms and conditions when considering to sell a home quick.

All types of properties are usually considered, so it is important to speak to a specialist who will usually be pleased to assist you.

Sell and Rent Back

The Process

When you opt for a sale and rent back scheme, your property will be acquired by a property company that is approved by the Financial Services Authority. The sell my house and rent it back company will ensure that the money paid to buy your house is used to pay your mortgage and any other loans secured on the property, you can then continue to enjoy livening in your home as a tenant for as long as you agree with the company.

In order to obtain a sell and rent back quote, you should contact a regulated fast house sale company. They will ask you a number of questions usually about the value of the property, what loans you have secured on it and then provide a quotation to sell to rent back.

Sell and Rent Back

The Advantages

When you sell and rent back your house, it can provide a number of advantages. The possible advantages include releasing the equity in the home to continue living as a tenant, and releasing yourself from debt and money worries.

Your chosen, sale and rent back company will work with you based on your individual circumstances to establish if a sell and rent back scheme is right for you and your family. A reputable fast house sale company, that is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), will also discuss alternatives with you such as housing benefits and re-mortgaging.

It makes no difference where you live, the condition of your property or the property type. A national sell & rent back company will usually be able to find a solution that is suitable and convenient to your individual circumstances.

Sell and Rent Back

More benefits

There are many advantages to selling your house and renting it back with a sell and rent back company, these include:

  • Prevent repossession and save your home for you and your family.

  • Expensive maintenance issues become a thing of the past as maintenance is no longer your responsibility.

  • Obtain an affordable, low cost, long or short term rental agreement.

  • Release trapped cash tied up within your property quickly.

  • Clear outstanding debts including expensive credit cards, store cards and loans.

  • here will be no selling fees or estate agency fees if you select the right company.

Summary of Sale and Rent Back Schemes

The good news is that sale and rent back schemes provide a route to sell your house or any type of property quickly for cash whilst you continue to live there as a short term or long term tenant.

The sell and rent back scheme becomes responsible for all your maintenance issues whilst you continue to enjoy your home.

You can then release equity and money stuck in your home, pay off existing debts and free yourself from financial worry. Moreover, the process with a sell property quickly company can be completed in weeks with no estate agents fees or solicitor costs to pay. In addition, if you are in the process of repossession, it can be stopped so you can continue to live in your home and avoid disruption to your family. You can enjoy many years of tenancy without worry.

Ensure that the sale and rent back company are regulated by the Financial Services Authority as they will be positioned to discuss many alternatives with you such as re-mortgage, housing benefits and government rescue schemes.


FSA Regulation

It is important to note that since July 2010 sell rent back companies must be authorized by the Financial Services Authority. This means that they are regulated to provide and give advice on everything to do with rent back services. By following the strict rules and procedures, the sale and rent back will ensure you receive the very best service and advice.  

Buy and rent back schemes – Are they for me?

Hundreds of people sell and rent back their homes every month in the UK, they do this for a variety of reasons. An experienced sell and rent back company will be able to advise you based on your individual circumstances. Many reasons people choose sale and rent back include equity release, separation and divorce, repossession or financial and debt problems.

Also, it doesn’t matter how old the property is and there are no restrictions on property type or location.

The sell and rent back scheme will clear all secured debt on the property such as mortgages or loan, in addition it may provide a cash lump sum for extra peace of mind.

Many people sell and rent back their house with a fast house sale company for a minimum of five years, with all maintenance and building insurance now being the responsibility of the new landlord. Less hassle and more savings for you!

In addition, hundreds of people stop repossession and evictions by using the sale and rent back scheme. Alternatively, you may need to sell due to illness, redundancy, unsecured debts or relocation.

Of course, you may be financially secure and just want to sell your home quickly to release equity for retirement. The cash for homes company allows you to enjoy all the things in retirement that you otherwise would be unable to afford.

Whatever your reasons, a good sell and rent back company will give you a no obligation quote and help you assess your position.

Sell and rent back – How simple is it?

Sell and rent back schemes may sound too good to be true or too simple. However, it really is as simple as it sounds and here is an outline of the usual process that is followed:

  1. Contact Trust Quick Sales and we can assess your situation and identify a solution to move forward.

  2. We will outline the terms of a fast house sale and the possibility of placing you in contact with an authorized sell and rent back company.  We are dedicated to ensuring you find the best solution possible in your circumstances.

  3. Our valuations are conducted by a member of the Royal Institute of chartered surveyors to ensure you are in safe hands.

  4. We will make an offer to you for the property and provide you the time to decide and consider other options. The even better news is that you can stop the process at any time at no cost to you.


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